REVEALED: Images of UAE’s first-ever water homes

Photo: Supplied

Dubai Properties, a Dubai-based real estate developer celebrated the voyage of the UAE’s first-ever water home as it made its way along the city’s newest attraction - the Dubai Water Canal - to berth at Marasi Business Bay.

Marasi Business Bay, once complete, will feature water homes that come with pools and surrounded by floating restaurants, it will also see the Park, the Pier and the Marina that will eventually comprise 800 berths, stretch along the Dubai Water Canal, making it the region’s first purpose-built yachting hub at the heart of the city.

The Dh1 billion mixed-use development is “well on track to becoming the city’s most sought-after waterfront destination, elevating the larger Business Bay district that was ranked amongst the must-see neighbourhoods in the world by Lonely Planet last month,” according to the firm.

Dubai Properties say that it is a “turnkey project” that would “introduce a real estate innovation that combines centuries of ship building heritage with cutting-edge design that will forever transform waterfront living in the emirate”.