This Emirati family offers iftar meal to motorists before Maghrib prayer

Every day before the Maghrib prayer, this Emirati family along with the father, Abas Obaid Al Safar, and his three children come out on the street and distribute iftar meal to motorists.

While other families gather around the table to break their fast, this family go out to carry their humanitarian mission, reports Arabic daily Al Bayan.

The head of the family spoke about his initiative and said he feels happy to help people and this volunteering act has a great effect on him and his children.

This also helps his children to get involved in charity and assisting others.

Al Safar said to be able to help others, like many UAE citizens doing their bit for charity, gives him great psychological comfort.

He went on to explain that their voluntary work promotes humanitarian aspects of the UAE society - of helping others and helping the needy in every walks of life.

He pointed out that the distribution of iftar meals to motorists fasting has been adopted by many others, including Al Ihsan Charity Association which also encourages drivers not to speed to break their fast.

Al Safar has been taking part in the initiative for almost two years where he was accompanied by his two 13 and 12-year-old daughters and his 6-year-son.

He included his children in the initiative to educate them on such humanitarian activities and plant in them the moral virtue of helping others.


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