When will first day of Ramadan be?

FNC member requests last 10 days of Holy Month to be declared holidays for government staff. (Mustafa Kasmi)

The first day of Ramadan this year will be on Thursday, June 18, according to the Abu Dhabi-based International Centre for Astronomy.

The date is arrived at according to astronomical calculations.

However, the actual start of Ramadan will depend on the sighting of the moon.

Mohammed Odah, Director of the International Centre for Astronomy, said: "Most Islamic countries will look for the crescent of the month of Ramadan 1436 AH on Tuesday, June 16.

However, on that day, the moon may not be visible before sunset in most regions of the Islamic world.

Accordingly, the start of Ramadan will be on Thursday, June 18 in most Islamic countries.

Muslims in some countries such as Oman, Morocco, Iran, India, Bangladesh, in addition to the continent of Africa, would investigate the crescent of Ramadan on Wednesday, June 17 – because it will be the 29th day of the month of Shabaan in these countries.

He added that the sighting of the moon on Wednesday in the Arab world may be possible using the telescope, but with difficulty with the naked eye, especially south of the Arab World.

The atmosphere may be obscured due to blowing sand and overcast skies.

Odah said since the possible sighting of the moon is on Wednesday, it is expected that the Muslim world will begin the month of Ramadan on Thursday, June 18, with the possible exception of Turkey, which has announced that Wednesday, June 17 is the first day of Ramadan.

The sighting of the moon on Tuesday may be possible using telescope from the Western Mediterranean region.

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