Tendulkar stake in UAE portal

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the world’s top cricketing icons, has become a stakeholder in the UAE’s travel website Musafir.com.

Tendulkar will also be its brand ambassador.

This move to partner with Tendulkar – who is considered one of the greatest batsmen in the world – reinforces the growing strength of Musafir.com since its inception in 2007. The company is known for offering the best deals on flights, hotels and holidays, and has expanded its presence over the years by providing travelers with a complete travel planning experience, both online and at its unique holiday lounges across the UAE.

Musafir.com finds Tendulkar to be the perfect face to represent the brand. The Master Blaster – as he is fondly called – has so many wins and achievements over his career that he represents Musafir.com’s vision to become the leading travel website in the region.

The partnership covers a major global marketing campaign that includes print, radio, television and outdoor media, in which Tendulkar invites the world to “Stop dreaming. Start traveling” – a slogan created by Musafir.com.

“Our aim is to invite our customers to think beyond the ordinary and to aspire for the extraordinary,” says Musafir.com Managing Director, Sachin Gadoya. “This partnership is part of an integrated campaign that we are launching, and is supported by a major upgrade to our website to make it even more user-friendly.”

Tendulkar said he is happy to be aligned with Musafir.com and commended the campaign for encouraging people to live out their dreams.

“I love the thought of building on dreams, because it’s helped me reach places in my life that were once thought to be impossible.”

“We have steadily grown over the years to offer a unique travel experience to our customers. As we evolve in our partnership with Sachin Tendulkar, we’ll continue to offer newer and more exciting travel planning experiences to our customers,” added Gadoya.

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