Liverpool to dump Skrtel or score 5 every game

Big win does not hide defensive frailties

Come January all eyes will be on which striker Brendan Rodgers will bring into the Liverpool revolution.

The fact is, it might make sense for Rodgers to look at his back four options and bring in a defender… or two, given that defensive errors are now becoming inexcusable.

While Pepe Reina seems to have recovered from his early season nightmare the Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger show has yet to get on the road.

Shipping two against Norwich was buried in the celebration of the five that went in.

Martin Skrtel made a mistake and Holt raced clear to fire past Reina.

Unless Liverpool are planning to score five every game, which given Rodgers’ style of play seems to suggest so, defensive frailties at the back will keep Liverpool far away from the top four.

In fact, every time Steven Gerrard gives an interview he seems to make it a point to stress that he does not expect to win a Premier League title with Liverpool.

Which given the amount of rope Rodgers is being given, suggests he does not intend to hand around very long.

Rodgers has his midfield options in place, his young forwards on show, but at the back, despite a great Wisdom performance, Skrtel and Agger look porous.

Defenses win matches as much as any tiki-taka side.

Ask Cheslea, who withstood Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Maybe it is time to ship Skrtel and get in a solid defensive player – Joleon Lescott, perhaps.


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