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$1 million Global Fighting Championship returns to Dubai

Morocco's Badr Hari will feature in a 'Super Fight' against Patrice Quarteron from France in the 10-fight card. (SUPPLIED)

The Global Fighting Championship (GFC) returns to Dubai on October 16 for the second event of the series to be staged at Dubai Tennis Stadium at Aviation Club.

Hosted by Golden Cage Promotions and Events in association with Dubai Sports Council, the GFC brings together the best heavyweights in kick-boxing fighting for the grand prize of $1 million.

Buoyed by the success of the first event held at Dubai World Trade Centre on May 29, Dubai is establishing itself as the Las Vegas of mixed martial arts.

Badr Hari was crowned the winner of the inaugural event qualifying for the GFC Grand Prix scheduled to be held in Morocco next year.

"Every GFC is going to have one champion. We need to create another three champions in the GFC series. They will fight for the plum in the grand finale," said 'Prince' Amir Shafypour, promoter and managing director at Golden Cage Promotions and Events.

Morocco's Hari will feature in a 'Super Fight' against Patrice Quarteron from France in the 10-fight card.

Ismael Lazaar (Netherlands), Tai Tuivasa (Australia), Mohamed Karim (Egypt) and Melvin Manhoef (Netherlands) will battle it out in the main event.

Among the three kick-boxing fights on the undercard will be a contest featuring Zabit Samedov of Azerbaijan and Jafar Ahmadi of Iran.

"Samedov is the guy who knocked down Badr Hari eight months ago. The winner will go to the next event of the GFC series," said Amir.

"We are creating a step ladder progression. We also have two MMA fights and a WBC muay thai 70kg world eliminator title fight," he added.

Prince Amir was elated by the success of the inaugural edition of the GFC series.

"The GFC in Dubai I think was one of the most successful in the entire region. It attracted the world. If you go to social media you will hear people talking about it from all around the world. A lot of big name fighters are opening their doors to us and they would like to be part of the GFC and UAE event," he said.

Asked about the difference between GFC and UFC, he said: "If you look at GFC it is a ring fight mainly focussing on heavyweight kickboxing. GFC has got highest prize than any organisation in the world to give to the winner. we actually bring value into the market. We are presenting UAE with an event as it is one of the luxurious cities in the world and in turn we present best fighters to the world," he explained.

The event could be followed on social media:

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  • https://www.youtube.com/user/GFCTheOfficial.
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