Gloves off as Dubai-based reality boxing show seeks local contenders

White Collar DXB to launch OSN HD series in September. (Supplied)

White Collar DXB is a brand new reality TV show coming to OSN Sports HD this September.

Set in Dubai, the locally produced series is offering a group of everyday White Collar workers to make the life changing journey to become champions of the boxing ring, and in turn, their own lives.

The six-part observational documentary series, White Collar DXB will pit two of Dubai’s top boxing gyms against each other.

Each training a team of six White Collar workers, the competition is set to be as fierce as it will be entertaining; through weekly team challenges, boxing showdowns, as well as the inaugural White Collar DXB fight night.

Created by Nomad Productions (, the show uses boxing to help people to change their lives for the better.

Series Director, and co-founder of Nomad Productions, Phil Griffiths, commented: “We want White Collar DXB to help people find a healthy work life balance, amid the chaos of Dubai living. Contestants could be aiming to lose a significant amount of weight, or to find a way to deal with the stress of their job; to inspire their children to stay healthy or to prove to their colleagues that they are made of stronger stuff than they suspect.”

The show’s Producer, Gemma Wale added: “We want the full variety of Dubai’s eclectic mix of people and cultures. From hairdressers to bankers, stewardesses to CEOs. Male or female, if you’re keen to see what you’re really made of, then you’re type of person we want to hear from.”

The show’s trials will be held on the weekend of the July 31 and August 1, where applicants will go through a series of tests to see who has the potential to become one of the 12 White Collar DXB contestants.

Show Producers are looking for applicants from all walks of working life, with the only essential being that you must have no previous boxing experience.

Conditioning mentor, and founder of Strength Gym, Chris Miller said: “We’re not looking for the strongest, the fastest, or the best boxers. We are looking for individuals with a genuine motivation to use the show to improve their health, and indeed themselves. Those chosen, will see a complete transformation, not just in their physique, but in their mental outlook. This is such a unique experience. I’m really proud to be a part of it, and excited to the see the results.”

Ahmed Abdumagied Seddiqi, Manager of Round10 Gym, who will be representing the Red team said: “It’s great that a show like this is increasing the appeal of boxing at an amateur level. It’s important that people know it’s not just about getting in the ring, it’s about discipline, technique, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

“One thing is for sure. The show is not going to be for the faint-hearted”, commented KO Gym manager, and the Blue Team’s head coach, Zack Taumafai. “There’s going to be sweat, tears and every emotion under the sun. I know that these contestants are going to be shocked at what they can push their own bodies to achieve.”

Contestants can apply by contacting the show directly on

For more information visit the White Collar DXB Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine - @WhiteCollarDXB

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