Dubai revolutionises indoor cycling in UAE with Flywheel Sports

This September, Dubai will experience a revolution in indoor cycling with the opening of Flywheel Sports Dubai. Flywheel Dubai partners Reem Farah Delivanis, Amira Salaam Amro and Anita Mehra are thrilled to bring this innovative and challenging indoor cycling program to the Middle East.

Established in New York City in February 2010 by a team of entrepreneurs including fitness icon Ruth Zukerman, the Flywheel ride is an intense and empowering cardio experience led by top-notch instructors in which each ride is a unique, full-body workout. Flywheel Sports has revolutionized the fitness industry by offering an unparalleled indoor cycling experience and unprecedented amenities such as stadium-style seating, proprietary bikes with performance tracking technology, an in-house DJ, and complimentary towels, water, and cycling shoes for riders.

"Rides at Flywheel are engineered to provide riders with the most effective and enjoyable workout possible," said Flywheel Co-Founder and CEO Jay Galluzzo. "Flywheel has set the bar with an experience that is fun, intense and effective."

Flywheel is also the only indoor cycling studio to feature the state-of-the-art TorqBoard, a proprietary technology with on-bike and in-studio displays that allow for performance tracking and in-studio competition.  Each Flywheel bike communicates with the central system in the studio, including the TorqBoards (large flat screen displays at the front of the room that show class leaders). After the ride, personal performance data is stored and made available to riders.
Co-Founder Ruth Zukerman added, "Flywheel is more than a workout, it's the cornerstone of a fitness-focused lifestyle.  When you step into our studio, you choose to transform your body and mind because we have created an overall experience that you cannot find anywhere else.  Also, the beauty of the Flywheel experience is that it is suitable for people of all fitness levels, of any age."

In addition to its innovative indoor cycling classes, Flywheel offers FlyBarre, a 60-minute body sculpting class that blends the best of light weight training, dance, and core strengthening exercises. FlyBarre's intense interval exercises, set to unique playlists, help to build leaner, stronger, elongated muscles. Flywheel Dubai will roll out FlyBarre in early 2013.

With this Dubai studio, located in the Burj Views Towers in Downtown Dubai, Flywheel Sports will continue the momentum from an effectively ambitious 2011-2012, during which it has opened its third studio in Manhattan, its second studio in the Hamptons, and has rapidly expanded throughout the United States, with locations in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle amongst many others. Studios in L.A. and across the East Coast are slated to open in the upcoming months.

"All of our instructors have gone through rigorous training in New York City, to learn the Flywheel method from the best master instructors there," said Flywheel Dubai partner Amira Salaam Amro. "We have made a great effort to pick and choose the most qualified instructors possible, who display charisma, energy, knowledge of fitness, and professionalism."

"New York City is the center for innovative fitness, and our appeal is that we are bringing a state-of-the-art,  boutique, NY- based indoor cycling studio to Dubai," she added.

Flywheel Dubai has also adapted to the cultural needs of the UAE. In addition to its classic Fly 45 and Fly 60 classes, Flywheel Dubai will be offering special classes for Ladies Only, as well as weekly Teen Rides.

"What will make our studio stand out in Dubai, aside from all the special amenities that Flywheel offers, is the efficiency of the workout. In 45 minutes, you will have experienced a full body workout, and burnt more calories than you can imagine", said Flywheel Dubai partner Reem Farah. "The Flywheel method incorporates an arms sequence into the traditional 45 minute routine, in order to tone every part of the body," she adds.

Flywheel Dubai is the first international location for Flywheel Sports, and the first of many Middle East locations, as they set their eyes to revolutionizing fitness throughout the region and beyond.

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