Yuvraj Singh in recovery mode, plays table tennis

Yuvi is undergoing treatment for rare germ cell cancer

Good news for all Yuvraj Singh fans as the cricketer is on his way to recovery fighting his cancer ailment.

Yuvraj Singh, who is undergoing treatment for rare germ cell cancer in Boston, has started playing table tennis which is an indication that the all rounder is on his way to recovery.

He played table tennis for some time but was tired due to the work out.

Yuvraj completed his second cycle of chemotherapy. He had tweeted: "Second cycle has finished today ! Had a bleomycin shot feeling weak but I'm sure tom will be a better day ! My next scan dated on 7th march."

After the scan his reports looked good but the southpaw is still waiting for the final report from the doctor.

He tweeted: "Plyd tt tdy after ages Felt great but tired gt my scan loks really good doc wil giv final reprt tom."

few days back Yuvi was pleasantly greeted by local students and fans outside his apartment and the Indian cricketer tweeted his appreciation for it.

"Felt like I was in India. Sweet of them," wrote on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

Fans came with the Indian flag and posters of Yuvraj and wished him a speedy recovery.

"Some came with flowers some came with cards some with home made food ! Touched!," Yuvi tweeted.
Yuvi felt weak after the previous round of therapy. During the course of the last fortnight many personalities visited him to share their support, the surprise element was Anil Kumble.

On February 15, Yuvraj had tweeted that the tumour was almost out of his system. "Got very good news from dr lawrence today! The tumor is almost way out of the system Aftr reading my todays scan!Second cycle has started," Yuvraj had tweeted.

Yuvraj, who has been in Boston since last month, is expected to be back on the field in the first week of May, according to his doctor.

The 30-year-old, who went to US last month, has gone bald during the treatment, which will go on till the last week of March before the process of rehabilitation starts in April.

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