Gitex Shopper's 5 biggest 'don't miss' deals

Your guide to some of the best offers at Gitex Shopper

Bargains, bundle offers and a BMW is just what the region’s largest IT retail expo is serving up on a platter as Gitex Shopper opened on October 5 amidst much fanfare at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Take a stroll, and crazy deals, hefty discounts and killer freebies scream out at you at every turn, even as every retail stand embarks on its one-upmanship in offering the best product deals to lure your dirhams in a ‘value for money’ purchase over the eight-day period.

There’s something for everyone across popular product segments, with free cars, free TV and value-back buys that will boggle the mind, and possibly your bank accounts in the bargain.

Emirates 24|7 sifts through the array of unbeatable offers to bring the five best deals on day one that call for a second look, if not more.

2 laptops for price of one

Why are we loving this deal on offer from Emax?

Only because this is no ordinary laptop, but the Dell XPS10, which is a tablet when you want it to be or the function it is designed for.

Targeting the business customer, the 10.1 inch hybrid has an attachable keyboard for those long work days, only to detach into a tablet when on the move.

With its great battery life and the increasing demand for hybrid devices at Gitex Shopper this year, two for the price of one, Dh2,599, is a deal you may not want to miss.

Free LED TV with DSLR

Here’s a picture perfect offer that will snap up all those memorable moments and provide a platform, all 40 inches of it, to display with aplomb.

Jumbo Electronics has a killer offer whereby you buy a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera and what you get is additionally over the 18-55mm lens, is a 75-300mm lens, an eight GB memory card, a carry case and a free TV.

Before you scream, this is a 40-inch Hisense LED TV that’s worth Dh1,299 as a standalone. But with your DSLR, which costs Dh3,299, you can take this sleek machine home, at a killer price.

Sharaf DG also has a similar bundle offer, whereby you can snap up a Nikon D5200 DSLR with an 18-55mm lens, a 4GB SD card, a carry case and a 50-inch Hisense TV for Dh3,999 in total.

iPhone 5

It’s the iPhone 5 and it’s now cheaper at at Jacky’s Electronics and other major retailers.

What more can be said, but serious buyers, this Gitex Shopper deal is just what your wallet needs.
Jacky’s, which is one of the authorised resellers of Apple products here, is offering the iPhone 5 at a price drop of Dh200, which is now available for Dh2,299.

In case you are wondering, Ashish Panjabi, COO of Jacky’s has said the deal was announced in time for the shopper, bundled with the fact the iPhone 5s is poised to enter the market.

However, the newer iPhone is not for sale at Gitex, except for some unauthorised sellers who may have a few in stock.

Buy Smart TV, take home 50-inch LED TV free

If you are looking to smart up your television viewing at home, then here’s two for one deal that is just what the family has ordered, and it also does away with the fighting over the remote control too.

From ECity and other major retailers, for Dh12,999 take home the LG 55LA9600 3D full HD Smart TV and walk away with a 50-inch LED TV, the LN5420, plus a Blu-Ray home theatre, a magic remote and the MHL. Phew!

This killer deal on offer at ECity, Emax, Jacky’s and other major retailers is perfect for the good health of your family, with the children’s television bundled in the same offer.

Free BMW car with TV

Yes, we are as stunned as you may possibly be right about now with this particular doozy, but the boys at Sharaf DG are quite adamant that this really is the real deal.

All you have to do is snap up a TV with yellow-branded ray of sunshine, and you can drive home in a spanking new BMW 316i.
Oh, and it’s a 2014 model car too.

Vendor Hisense and Sharaf DG have cooked this deal up; but before you go running to the stand with a skip in your step, take note: the TV only costs Dh129,999.

The 84-inch 4K/UHD Smart TV XT900 is a thing of magnificence, with an impressive 3840x2160 resolution, with a 240 Hz refresh rate for a dramatic motion clarity.

Without getting too technical, let’s just say, if you are obsessed with the best buys, have a DVD collection that could rival film libraries and are a gaming aficionado, then this little beast is for you. As is the deal.

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