‘The Master in Fashion Design’ scholarship launched

Winner will be announced on September 15.

The Arab Fashion Council and Domus Academy have launched a competition across the 22 Arab countries for a full scholarship in ‘Masters of Fashion Design’ at Domus Academy in Milan.

Emphasising the importance of education initiatives undertaken by the Arab Fashion Council, The Unesco Doha Office will support this unique educational initiative, considering the scholarship contribution to promote the culture diversity, and support to creative industry, which is in line with the activities of Unesco office in Doha

The ‘Masters of Fashion Design’ is an integrated approach between cultural, design, production, marketing and communication aspects through a dialogue with experts of the fashion field. This program will develop the Arab talented designer’s skills, and will enable them to express their creativity and meet the new challenges coming from the Fashion world. The Program also aims to offer participants cultural, research and project background at 360 degrees. And will give them the chance to do an intra-curricular internship.

“We will address the program to candidates with a curriculum in Fashion Design, Accessories Design or other disciplines related to the program’s field of study that wish to develop their professional skills in the Fashion Industry,” said Dr. Barbara Trebitsch Director of Master in Fashion Design at Domus Academy.

“The aim of the Master in Fashion Design is to train professionals who have the ability to combine their creativity and their organizational skills with theoretical/practical knowledge and the world of production”

Covering the 22 Arab countries, this initiative aims to motivate distinctive Arab young talents to achieve an intensive experience in the Arab fashion design culture. And to support all Arab fashion talents to develop their future on and enhance their fashion design understanding, artistic, cultural and sociological knowledge. Domus Academy is offering the scholarships to attend the November 2015 edition of the “Master in Fashion Design”.

“This scholarship program aims to reward and encourage design students to pursue a career in fashion retail, this scholarship program is the dream realization. We are happy to collaborate with Domus Academy, a leading fashion school faculty in this field of study," said Ilham Abbas, Chief Fashion Officer at Arab Fashion Council.

"The fashion business in the Arab World is more competitive than ever, and we recognize that young aspiring designers in our local community need industry mentoring and more opportunities. Domus Academy is known for producing world class fashion talents and we are so excited to support the next generation of Arab designers".

Arab Fashion Council will address the competition to all Arab fashion talents who believe that Fashion Design is not merely a stylistic technique giving shape to objects, but it’s a challenging activity that encourages creativity to achieve higher goals; it’s a call for the Arab fashion talents interested in experiencing a cross-disciplinary approach, interweaving the world of fashion and accessories design;

The competition is open for graduates in fashion design, architecture and art schools as well as talented candidates with a suitable background and professional experience in the fashion field.

Arab Fashion Council believes that fashion is a global phenomenon, involving cultural background as well as a contemporary international approach - with heritage being one of the most relevant drivers of inspiration and conceptualization. The Arab Fashion Council will base the competition on 3 different themes based on Arabic regions, the Arabian Gulf, Levant and North Africa. Participants have the choice to develop, based on their own background, a Prêt-à-Couture capsule collection of 22 complete outfits presented in a global scenario.

The selected projects will then be evaluated by a jury composed of Cav. Lav. Mario Boselli the Honorary President of the Arab Fashion Council, Ilham Abbas Chief Fashion Officer at Arab Fashion Council, Dr. Barbara Trebitsch Director of Masters in Fashion Design and Mr. Damiano Atonazzo Regional Administrations Manager of Domus Academy Fashion School Faculty.

The Jury will announce the names of the top 5 candidates on September 1. The Arab Fashion Council will launch a public voting campaign on Arab Fashion Council’s website [www.arabfashioncouncil.com] and will announce the winner on September 15.