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28 February 2024

Dubai Courts’ ‘Digital Case File’ initiative takes top honours at Digital Government award for GCC States

By E247

Dubai Courts secured the top spot in the prestigious ‘Digital Government’ award for GCC States in 2023. The awards ceremony was held on the sidelines of the 2023 Digital Government Forum in Riyadh. The accolade was bestowed in recognition of Dubai Courts’ groundbreaking innovation, specifically the development of the ‘Digital Case File’.

The pioneering project marks another milestone in Dubai Courts’ first integrated technical litigation initiative, ushering in a comprehensive digital transformation in the realm of legal processes. Not only does this achievement reinforce Dubai Courts' position as a trailblazer in the field of digital judicial services, but it also aligns seamlessly with the visionary directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. His Highness’s commitment to ensuring justice characterised by accuracy, speed, and widespread accessibility is reflected in these remarkable accomplishments.
The awards ceremony witnessed His Excellency Taresh Al Mansouri, the esteemed President of Dubai Courts, receive the Digital Government Shield. The prestigious accolade was presented by His Excellency Engineer Abdullah bin Amer Al Sawaha, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia, and His Excellency Khaled Ali Salem Al Saneedi, the Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Development Affairs at the GCC Secretariat.

His Excellency Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, the President of Dubai Courts, conveyed his profound joy at the prestigious award for Dubai Courts. He underscored the significance of the accomplishment, describing it as a proud addition to the department's illustrious achievements, marking a revolutionary transformation in litigation processes. The shift from traditional methods, involving physical attendance and manual document entries, to a smart, interactive, and integrated system operational round the clock is emblematic of this achievement, he added.

HE Al Mansouri emphasised that ‘the digital case file’ transcends being merely a new technology and, in fact, embodies an advanced vision aimed at enhancing the justice experience and facilitating easy access to it. It stands as a testament to Dubai Courts' unwavering commitment to innovation, the provision of cutting-edge digital services and the facilitation of efficient and expeditious judicial processes. This commitment, he noted, significantly contributes to the ongoing digital transformation of the justice system, further solidifying Dubai Courts' position as a trailblazer and leader in this field.

Large user base
He also highlighted remarkable statistics reflecting Dubai Courts’ work over the past three years in this regard. The total number of requests soared to an impressive 2,408,188, accompanied by 344,329 remote litigation sessions during the same period. The latest data revealed that the digital case file service boasts a user base of 389,259 individuals, encompassing both legal professionals and clients. Notably, the service processed 139,432 smart payment orders, achieving a remarkable 100% service continuity rate throughout the three-year period. These statistics underscore the service's expansion and efficiency, catering to a large user base with a considerable number of operations processed seamlessly. The digital case file service stands out for its comprehensiveness and inclusiveness, catering to diverse segments of society, including the elderly and individuals with special needs. Additionally, it has successfully reduced user journey complexities and service costs, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure business continuity even during challenging times such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The widespread recognition of the service's effectiveness and distinction is evident, making it a prominent choice within its field. This recognition positions the service as a strong contender for prestigious awards, a testament to its uniqueness and distinction. Moreover, the system's integration with other government systems enhances its accessibility to residents and visitors alike. The coordinated efforts to link and integrate with entities such as the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and Border Security further exemplify the service's commitment to seamless processes. This is particularly evident in the registration of cases and the creation of user accounts with Dubai Courts, in alignment with court decisions restricting freedoms, showcasing the service's broader impact on the judicial landscape.

HE Al Mansouri emphasised that the ‘Digital Case File,’ inaugurated in 2017 and finalised in 2020, stands as a beacon of innovation, continually refined and enhanced based on improvement reports and the evolving needs of its beneficiaries. The system is considered a benchmark for innovation and serves as an ongoing project subject to regular development. In the pursuit of digital transformation, the department has laid out strategic plans that extend into the next decade, outlining a vision for future technology projects. To ensure seamless business continuity, various teams have been established, among them the Smart Transformation Team dedicated to the Case File. This collaborative team, working in tandem with the Information Technology Department, has played a pivotal role in the development of intelligent programs. Their efforts have included effective project tracking, implementation of work requirements, scrutiny of developed services, and the provision of appropriate training sessions. The concerted efforts of these teams underscore the commitment to the sustained evolution of the ‘Digital Case File’ as a cutting-edge and adaptive solution.
He highlighted that Dubai Courts stands as a trailblazer, being the first to introduce an integrated technical project designed to facilitate easy access to justice for all court users. The implementation of a smart and interactive system enables swift and precise litigation procedures, encompassing 10 operations ranging from request submission and document attachment to remote case discussions. Gone are the days when users had to be physically present to register a case and issue notices, which posed challenges in terms of time and cost. Presently, the digital service has evolved into a seamless integrated system covering registration, case management, and remote sessions, significantly enhancing the user experience and amplifying the efficiency of judicial processes.

Dubai Courts' achievements extend beyond the local landscape, securing the second position in the list of the top 10 global courts. This accolade was accompanied by the ‘TOP 10 COURTS’ award in the application of technical solutions in judicial work, conferred at the eighth annual conference of the International Association for Court Administration (IACA), in collaboration with the American National Association for Court Administration in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, Dubai Courts garnered three awards at the 15th edition of the Stevie Awards, a globally recognised platform celebrating innovation and institutional excellence. Notably, in 2018, the institution clinched the Customer Service category - General Administration award at the Stevie Awards, attesting to its remarkable achievements in customer satisfaction management, securing the prestigious silver medal.

High satisfaction rate
It is noteworthy that Dubai Courts achieved an impressive 97% satisfaction rate from its users in 2022, reflecting its steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality and user-friendly services to the public. This commitment is integral to its mission of ensuring accessibility, efficiency, and excellence across all facets of its operations, further solidifying its standing as a pioneering force in the judicial domain

Al Mansouri commended the pivotal role played by the digital litigation service in propelling the digital transformation of Dubai Courts. He emphasised its positive impact on the satisfaction of beneficiaries and building trust in the judicial system. He underscored the strategic importance of governance and technology protection, culminating in the court's attainment of ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certifications in business continuity and information security from the prestigious British Standards Institution. Notably, this achievement marks a global first in the judicial sector.

This groundbreaking accomplishment was realised through the integration of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data, aimed at enhancing service delivery. The focus extended to improving internal procedures and augmenting user efficiency, reflecting Dubai Courts' commitment to leveraging innovation for the benefit of its stakeholders.

The official website of Dubai Courts, coupled with the Smart Request System, serve as effective and secure channels to deliver services, prioritising user privacy as an integral part of the overall user experience. Critical aspects, such as system status visibility, alignment with real-world scenarios, and user freedom of movement, are highlighted.

User-friendly features
The digital service places a strong emphasis on user-friendly features, focusing on minimal information requirements, reduced procedural steps, and streamlined storage and tracking processes. In terms of performance and impact, the service establishes numerous communication channels with beneficiaries. Through proactive analysis, including satisfaction and happiness surveys, and a thorough examination of complaints and suggestions from users, the service has undergone continuous improvement. This iterative process has instigated a positive shift in user behaviour, with increased user involvement in digital services leading to reduced congestion and an enhanced overall judicial experience.

Furthermore, the incorporation of brainstorming sessions and the preparation of performance monitoring reports, with a specific focus on the judicial aspect and future judiciary analysis, underscores Dubai Courts' commitment to continuous enhancement and the anticipation of evolving judicial needs. This holistic approach not only enhances user trust and satisfaction but also positions the digital service as a dynamic and responsive component within the judicial framework.

Notably, Dubai Courts has welcomed several visiting delegations seeking to gain insights into its experiences in the realm of digital litigation. These delegations include representatives from the Ministry of Justice and various countries, such as Ukraine, China, Japan, Brazil, Bahrain, and the Mediterranean Parliament. These interactions underscore Dubai Courts' steadfast commitment to attaining excellence and fostering innovation within its judicial system. These achievements align with Dubai's overarching vision of transitioning into a paperless government and assuming a global leadership role in the provision of digital services. Dubai Courts is actively engaged in the pursuit of digital transformation, aiming to create a future characterised by ease and efficiency for its citizens and residents.