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23 April 2024

Shaping the Future: Dubai's Innovative Leap in Professional Dialogue and Marketing Strategy

Dubai Media Unveils "The Future Majlis" – A Pioneering Platform for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Forge the Path Ahead

By E247

In the vibrant city of Dubai, a groundbreaking initiative has been launched by Dubai Media, heralding the dawn of "The Future Majlis." This pioneering platform is set to revolutionize the way professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees engage in forward-thinking dialogue across a myriad of sectors including media and marketing. The aim is clear: to offer in-depth analysis of global trends and their repercussions for the United Arab Emirates and the broader region. This initiative is not just about discussion; it's about empowering leaders, professionals, and the youth to craft future-oriented strategies in their respective fields, thereby playing a pivotal role in sculpting the future and fostering holistic development.

Dubai Media, in a collaborative effort with the Dubai Media Academy and Galal and Karawi Management Consulting (G&K), has introduced the first activity under this initiative, the "Future Marketing Majlis." This endeavor seeks to establish a dynamic environment where professionals and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds can converge to share insights, predict upcoming trends, and enrich the discourse, thereby nurturing a culture of varied viewpoints and innovative thinking crucial for vital industries.

The significance of engaging in professional dialogue and continuous learning is accentuated through these majlis sessions. They are designed as key instruments to navigate the fast-paced changes in various sectors, notably in marketing, which is constantly evolving due to technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. By fostering anticipatory thinking and enhancing professional communication, the majlis aims to elevate standards and practices within the marketing realm.

Kicking off with an exclusive workshop scheduled for March 6th, the "Future Marketing Majlis" will feature a panel of esteemed experts delving into the latest in marketing disruptions, developments and trends. This includes cutting-edge digital strategies, social media trends, advancements in artificial intelligence, and it’s role in deciphering patterns of consumer behavior. The workshop is poised to equip participants with a forward-looking perspective on marketing, enabling organizations to harness these insights to boost their competitive edge and ensure sustainable development. Hosted by Al Bayan newspaper, the event is also dedicated to sharpening the skills of professionals, broadening their understanding, and fostering a spirit of collaboration and partnership among different entities, all in pursuit of fostering a climate ripe for ongoing innovation and growth.


Abdulwahid Jumaa, the Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Affairs and Partnerships at Dubai Media, has thrown light on the organization's dedication, embodied by the Future Majlis initiative,  to fostering specialized professional dialogues across a spectrum of fields such as marketing, future business trends, corporate and social responsibility, and governance, as well as other professional trends that will affect the economy and the quality of life. He clarified that the essence of the "Future of Marketing Majlis" lies in its ability to cultivate an innovative atmosphere conducive to growth among entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators and the youth. This unique initiative stands as a testament to Dubai Media's commitment to nurturing a community where communication thrives, allowing for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences. It's designed to delve into the intricate needs and various demands of audiences, dissecting the trends that will shape future generations and their consumption behaviors in this fast-evolving digital era, dominated by smart applications and artificial intelligence. This approach not only aids in understanding the evolving market but also assists in crafting marketing strategies and business models tailored for the future.

In harmony with these objectives, Asem Galal, the Co-founder of Galal and Karawi Management Consulting, reflected on Dubai's unwavering ambition to pioneer the future. Through the collaborative synergy with Dubai Media in the "Future Marketing Majlis," they envision the creation of a distinctive platform that empowers entrepreneurs, professionals, and industry experts to not only foresee but actively mold the future landscape. Galal stressed the criticality of devising strategies that resonate with future market needs and align with Dubai's grand vision of becoming an even more appealing hub for investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. He highlighted that the event will include a lineup of global experts on marketing, consumer behavior & AI. He also expressed his pride in contributing to this venture with Dubai Media, a move aimed at sparking innovation among marketing professionals and encouraging them to craft novel solutions, service models, and gear up for the forthcoming challenges and opportunities.

"The Future Majlis" emerges as a quintessential platform for those keen on delving deep into the marketing sector's intricacies, offering a series of events designed to enhance abilities, foster skills, and cement partnerships within the realms of media and marketing. Beyond this, it stands as a crucible for meeting the anticipations of the forthcoming generations, fostering both local and global collaborations, initiating specialized workshops, and unveiling insightful research reports that shed light on the future of key industries within the nation. This initiative is not just about discussions; it's about creating a legacy of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and strategic foresight that resonates with Dubai's futuristic vision and global aspirations. Learn more about Future Majlis by visiting www.futuremajlis.com