20 year-old crowned Miss Colombia 2012

Colombia's 78th annual national beauty contest was held in Cartagena Monday, where college student Carmen Lucia Aldana was crowned as Miss Colombia 2012.

The 25 contestants from across the country averaged 21 years of age and 1.7 meters of height.

At the beginning of the contest, the beauties danced to Caribbean music.

The contest also had such other sessions as swimsuit show, evening gown show and Q&A session.

Carmen Lucia Aldana is a 20-year-old communications and journalism student from the city of Cali, in the Valle del Cauca Department.

"As a social communications student and journalist, I attach importance to the development of organizations, media, and society. I am very happy to be the new Miss Colombia. The title enriches my college life, and I can promote the contest with my professional knowledge," said Lucia Aldana.

The contestants joined in figure training and community service activities during the 17-day contest. Their relatives and friends were also invited this year to support the contestants.

The Miss Colombia beauty pageant started in 1934 in Cartagena, a large Caribbean beach resort city on the northern coast of Colombia. The first edition was to mark the 400th anniversary of the city. Later on, the pageant began being held annually in the city and became the most important beauty contest in the country. The winner is sent to international contests, including Miss Universe.