Dad charged for allowing son, 9, to drive Ferrari

Indian police has charged a father in the state of Kerala for allowing his 9-year-old son to drive a Ferrari on the streets as part of his birthday celebration.

The child's parents had little known that the fun video clip that they posted on YouTube would go viral and create outrage among netizens and citizens alike.

The father has been booked under the under the Juvenile Justice Act and Motor Vehicles Act.

A media report quoted a police official as saying: "We have collected statements from the boy and other family members. But, the police couldn’t take custody of Mohammed Nisham as he is an NRI. After completing routine formalities, we would refer the case to the court for further proceedings."

The parents were not regretting allowing their son to break the law of the land and were in fact proud of their son's driving abilities, if it can be called that.

There is another video available on YouTube, which shows the same child at the wheels of a Range Rover.

The family also own a Lamborghini and Bentley, and according to certain media reports, the child has taken control of those luxurious cars at some point.

The owner has removed the video from YouTube.




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