Girl sneaks past airport security; flies without ticket or ID [video]

In a major airport security laspe, an 11-year-old girl managed to sneak onto a commercial plane and fly unaccompanied from Moscow to St Petersburg without a ticket or identification.

Russian authorities are investigating how the girl was able to get past security checkpoints and airline employees before boarding the domestic flight operated by Rossiya Airlines.

She decided to sneak onto the plane at Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport because she had never flown before and was eager to experience it for the first time, Russian media reported.

The schoolgirl, who didn't have a plane ticket or any form of ID, can be seen on CCTV ducking under a barrier, towards staff members at the airport.

She then joins a line and appears to be meandering around other passengers waiting for the perfect time to slip through one checkpoint seemingly with a number of other people.

No one asked whether the girl had a boarding pass or identification because she attached herself to a large group of family members and staff thought she was with them, Russian state broadcaster RT reported.

After the 90-minute flight landed she stayed at the airport and soon received a mobile phone call from her frantic parents, who were trying to locate her after she failed to return from school, RT reported.

Her parents were stunned when they learned she was at St Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport.