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Baby born with perfect hair is internet sensation

A photo of Dave and Mackenzie Kaplan's daughter has gone viral due to her thick hair growth at the time of her birth.
Mackenzie Kaplan posted a selfie holding her daughter, Isabelle. The next day, friends and family began telling the couple that other people were sharing the photo over various social media sites.
The photo went viral on a social networking site, Reddit  when the 2-month-old's cousin posted the selfie with the caption: "My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman."

The photo quickly gained popularity, making it to Reddit's homepage.

The baby's thick head of hair sparked a Photoshop battle, which is a subreddit where users manipulate pictures and submit them to be voted on by other users.

The baby was compared to people such as Mario Lopez, who caught wind of the image and posted her on his Instagram.

Others were jealous of her perfectly coiffed hair.