Stunning moments: A380 slices through clouds [video]

Have you ever imagined how aircrafts cut through clouds?  An aviation enthusiast’s video captured the stunning moments that will leave you mesmerized!

YouTube user Schipholhotspot recorded the Dubai-bound Emirates aircraft as it soared into the clouds at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, reported DailyMail.

The 30-second video captures the rare moments when A380 – the world’s largest passenger airliner - appears to melt into the clouds as it makes its ascent. It emerges out of the clouds, leaving a hole that looks like the eye of the storm. The clouds swirl in its turbulent wake and form a circle no sooner than the double-decker plane passes through. The clouds split into two and continues its spin. 

Shot from the ground, the video has been trending, with viewers exuberantly commenting on the rare sight.

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