No Title Deed without Dh40,000 parking slot, JLT owner told

Developer refuses to issue NOC to owner

A developer in Dubai's Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) has refused to issue a no-objection certificate (NOC) to a property owner unless he buys a parking space for Dh40,000.

RB, who asked Emirates 24|7 to use his initials only, had bought two studio apartments in AWP tower in 2008. At the time, he did not buy a parking space as JLT offered free parking. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the master developer of JLT, is slowly moving to a paid parking system from this year.

However, when RB went to sell his apartment last month, the developer told him to pay Dh40,000 per parking space (Dh80,000 in total) or else the NOC would not be issued.

“I own two studio apartments but they are without parking. When I went to get a NOC from the developer, he told me to buy a parking space,” RB said.

“I had paid a total of Dh800,000 for my apartments. I have now managed to find a buyer as I am selling them at a competitive price. But this additional Dh100,000 for parking spaces just doesn’t make sense for me to seal the deal.”

He, however, admits that it will be difficult for him to sell his apartments without a parking space in near future.

“As JLT becomes a paid parking zone, it will certainly be difficult to get buyers for properties that have no parking spaces,” he states.

In September, Emirates 24|7 reported that DMCC had told a JLT resident that they were finalizing a solution and would issue parking permits for those who require additional parking spaces.

The JLT parking permit will essentially be a license to look for a space within a specific group of available bays located behind the parking barriers. DMCC had also urged residents to speak to their developer's to find out if they have any additional parking space to lease or sell.

Currently, barriers have been activated in Clusters B and D. Details of the parking permit scheme will shortly be announced, launched and implemented in these clusters.

The master developer has said parking barriers have been activated to ensure that those people who have purchased the right to exclusive use of parking garages can park their vehicles, sell or lease their spaces.

Currently, there are free visitor parking bays and street level parking spaces available across the community, but these will be subject to a paid parking system, details of which will be available soon. DMCC has clarified there are plenty of parking spaces available for residents, office workers and visitors.

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