Dubai girl revealed the murder of her sister

Uncle was told by child her father killed and buried her 8-year old sister

A six-year-old girl from Dubai revealed the murder of her elder sister by her own father when she told her uncle about the crime that has shocked the emirate.

When her uncle came for a visit, he found Meera in a very bad shape and the apartment was in a mess and had a shocking smell for lack of cleaning.

“When he asked Meera where her sister Wadima is, she simply told him that her father killed her and buried her,” 'Al Bayan' newspaper said on Monday.

“He first did not believe her…but when she kept repeating what she told him, he took her to the police and made her tell them what she told him….the mystery of her sister’s absence was then unravelled and the ugly crime was discovered.”

The paper said Meera’s uncle, her father’s brother, had first asked his brother’s girlfriend about his two nieces but she told him they were not at home.

“He was at the door when he phoned her….she said they were not there but he heard Meera crying…so he used his key and opened the door.”

The paper said Dubai’s prosecutor planned a press conference on Monday to disclose the details of the murder of eight-year-old Wadeema.

Police have arrested her 26-year-old father, Hamad Al Shirwai, who was reported last week as saying he wanted to be executed for what he had done. His girlfriend was also arrested for helping him in murdering his daughter and burying her in the desert nearly three months ago.

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