Man tried to abduct, rape Filipina in lift in Dubai

Woman was saved by residents of the building

 An Emirati man took advantage of being alone with an attractive Filipina inside a lift at his building in Dubai to force her into his apartment and try to rape her before she was rescued by residents.

Dubai’s prosecutor Yousuf Fouladh described the man as savage after seeing security cameras inside the lift at the building in Nahda area.

Foulad said the man, a civil servant, was alone with the Philippine company secretary inside the lift when tried to molest her.

When she rebuffed him, he grabbed her hair, pushed her down to the floor, stopped the lift at his apartment level and dragged her out, he said.

“He forced her into his flat and tried to rape her, prompting her to scream incessantly….residents who heard her screams rushed to the apartment and began banging the door, forcing him to open,” Fouladh said.

“She then fled the flat and went straight to the police…those who saw the film recorded by the security camera were shocked as the victim was subject to one of the ugliest and most savage rape attempts,” he said the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum.

Actress says top cop asked her for sex

South Indian actress Tara Chowdry has accused an Assistant Commissioner of Police of asking her to sleep with him.

According to a report in 'Times of India', the Tollywood starlet, who was in police custody a few days back on charges of running a brothel, accused E Shankar Shetty of the indecent proposal.

She made the allegations when asked if she had faced any difficulty during the trial.  She added that Inspector M. Sudarshan supported the ACP and even threatened to expose some CDs if she were to file complaints against them.

Meanwhile, Inspector Sudarshan denied allegations when the court contacted him adding that he was implicated in the case.  He also said that he did know who had complained against him reported Andhrawishesh.

The court tried to contact ACP Shetty several times but the phone was unanswered. 

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