Pimp strangles prostitute to death over cash

A 27-year-old Bangladeshi worker, MKN – who worked as a pimp, allegedly killed a prostitute after paying her half of Dh100 she demanded, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The accused strangled the woman to death with her head cover (Sheila) in an abandoned house at Al Mankool area and left the place. The body, which was badly decomposed, was discovered by a municipality worker while  carrying out an order to demolish the building six months later.

Forensic doctor Mohammed Azoz, 57, testified that he was assigned to check the body found in an abandoned house in Al Mankhool area.

“The body was of a woman in her thirties and was decomposed. I suspected a crime when I saw the body covered with a wooden board. There was also a head cover wrapped around her neck; she was apparently suffocated six months ago. Tests proved that she was not under the influence of alcohol or drug. We could not take her fingerprints as her hands were completely decomposed. Samples were taken from her teeth, nails and leg bone to help identify the body,” testified the doctor.

Some bottles and cigarette butts were also found at the crime scene. A cigarette butt carried the DNA of the accused when police matched with the record.

The killed woman was named “Salma”, testified Sergeant Jasem Ismaeel.

Investigations led to MKN who initially denied killing her, but later confessed strangling her to death with the head scarf.

The accused also confessed to the police that he took her to an abandoned house in Al Mankool area after they agreed to have sex. After the sex, she asked him for Dh100 but he gave her only Dh50. The argument started and she threatened to send men to force him pay the full amount. After that he strangled her with her head cover and stayed there till he was sure that she was died. The accused told the police that he worked as a pimp and knew the woman.

Lieutenant Rashid Saeed testified that a worker of Dubai Municipality found the body in the abandoned house who had gone there to demolish the building.

There was a white bag, a SIM card and jewellery invoices that carried the name of “Salma” next to the decomposed body. The Court will reconvene on September 11.

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