Shrimp and seed boxes on ship concealed drugs

27,298 Tramadol pills, 11.3 grams of heroin and 139 grams of opium seized at Dubai port

Dubai Customs inspectors at Al Hamriya Port foiled a bid to smuggle narcotics that included heroin, Tramadol tablets and opium on board a wooden ship coming from an Asian country.

Butti Al Zafri, Director of Coastal Customs Centres at Dubai Customs, said that during a regular inspection of the ship upon its arrival at Al Hamriya Port, the customs inspector suspected the contents of some of the boxes on board the ship, particularly 30 packs of frozen shrimp and 150 bags of seeds.

When he took a closer look at the bags of seeds, he found 84 Tramadol boxes with 27,298 pills hidden in it.

This aroused the inspector's suspicion of the rest of the goods on board the ship.

When the shrimp packs were checked, the inspector found 49 rolls containing a substance similar to heroin.

The Customs’ K9 Unit was summoned along with the mobile lab, which has equipment to detect narcotics. The result was positive, indicating that the rolls contained pure heroin weighing 11.3 grams.

Continuing the search operation, customs inspectors found a glass bottle containing a liquid that was suspected to be opium weighing 139 grams.

Al Zafri said, during  interrogation,  a crew member that these narcotics don't belong to him and that he is only a carrier who is supposed to deliver them to some people inside of the country who were to sell them to youngsters.

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