Girl chopped and dumped in suitcase

A 21-year old man has confessed to chopping a woman and stuffing her remains in the suitcase, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Daniel Stani- Reginald’s case was heard in Burwood court where he admitted to Indian student Tosha Thakkar’s murder in 2011. However, the court is awaiting his plea for sexual assault.

Reginald lived in the same areas as Thakkar in Sydney where she was studying and residing.

The suitcase containing her body was found by construction workers connecting an oil line. It had been dumped in a canal at a Meadowbank park.

Thakkar’s death triggered an outrage in the Indian community in Sydney and in other countries as well.

Her friends and classmates gathered in the court for hearing demanded justice for Thakkar.

The convict will be sentenced for murder next year.

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