Mob of 30 strip, molest girl in India

A group of about 30 men attacked a girl in the north-eastern city of Guwahati outside a pub. The video clip that caputerd the mob's disgusting action was posted on youTube and has gone viral on the internet. The horrible incident has been captured in minute details on film.

Residents of Guwahati are outraged over the shamesful incident and the police officials are under pressure to arrest all involved in the stripping and molestation of the girl. So far, they have only managed to arrest four culprits. However, the authorities claim that they have identified 11 culprits. One of them is a part-time actor.

Social netowrking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with close-up images of mob members with requests from Guwahati residents to help turn the molesters in. The faces of many of the assailants are clearly visible on the video. the video is available on YouTube. (Due to the sensitive nature of the case, Emirates 24|7 has chosen not to show the video on the site.)

According to Indian television channel, NDTV, for half an hour on Monday night the mob snatched at, kicked, pulled, beat and stripped the grade 11 student. It took the police that half an hour to turn up and take her to her parents, claims the channel.

"Close-ups of the attackers' faces show no remorse, many wear a look of satisfaction. Some even smile as they look directly into the camera, almost performing for it," the channel reported.

The video was recorded by a reporter of a local television channel who happened to be in the vicinity when the incident occurred. The journalist recorded the happenings on his mobile phone even as he called his office for proper back-up.

It is ironic that the reporter chose to film the disgusting incident over trying to save the school student.

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