Is Veena Malik scarier than Bipasha Basu?

Actresses to star in horror movies that clash at the Box Office

‘Ek Hasina Ek Khiladi’ and ‘Acid Factory’ did not do well at the box office, but then Suparn Varma’s next film ‘Aatma’ is set to haunt the marquee on March 1, 2013.

‘Aatma’ has Bipasha Basu in the lead role and Nawazuddin Siddiqui paired opposite her.

But Bipasha who bewitched the screens with ‘Raaz 3’ is really scared this time.

The witch who is scaring her is none other than Pakistani actress Veena Malik who stars in Hemant Madhukar’s film ‘Mumbai 125 km’.

Both films are set to release on the same date and a clash is expected. Worse, both films are of the same horror genre. ‘Aatma’ has the Bipasha advantage who has done such roles previously in the Raaz series, while ‘Mumbai 125 km’s’’ USP is that it has been shot in the 3D format. Also, even if Malik may not be as big a name as Basu for the Indian audience Malik hasn’t been seen in 3D, while Bipasha has.


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