Dilip Kumar, Salman Khan and Rajinikant born to rule the celluloid

Iconic stars of Indian cinema not only share their birthday month but their obsession among fans

December clearly marks the birth of superstars. Three of India’s most loved, iconic stars were born in this month.

One, who at 90 is revered for her exemplary contribution to Indian cinema, the other, who despite being in his 60s continues to enthrall his audience with his quirky superhero antiques, and the third who still packs a punch with aplomb and swoons the ladies without a hitch at 46.

Dilip Kumar turns 90 today, and celebrates his glorious years in the film industry with his wife and close friends.

Rajinikanth is undoubtedly India’s biggest superstars, and he turns 62 on December 12, marking yet another celebration for 12-12-12.

Salman Khan is the other star, who turns 47 on December 27.

Even though they aren’t on the same star sign on the zodiac calendar, with Dilip Kumar and Rajinikanth being Sagittarians and Salman a Capricorn, they’ve both remained constant in their success.

Both stars have enjoyed immense adulation and achievements in their movie career.

Although Salman and Rajini tackled varied characters on-screen, they’ve often played out their own superhero persona, never quite indulging in anything more than fun and gimmickry to win over the audience.

And, it has worked.

Despite coming from two different Indian film industries – Bollywood and Kollywood, the three have enjoyed superstardom in their arena.

While Rajinikanth is gearing up for a big splash, with a special birthday song released to mark his special day, his Bollywood birthday buddies will have a somber celebration.


Dilip Kumar is apparently reluctant to celebrate because he’s still mourning the loss of his close friends in the industry.

The film industry is however petitioning the Indian government to honour the legendary actor, who is also known as the ‘Tragedy Kind of Bollywood’, with the highest civilian honour ‘Bharat Ratna’.

Everyone from Shah Rukh Khan to  Aamir, Kamal Haasan, Mamooty, Rakesh Roshan, Chiranjeevi, Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt are backing this proposal.

The Government of India in 1994 awarded him with Dadasaheb Phalke Award-- the highest award for cinematic excellence in India.

Even Salman’s celebrations appear a tad somber, with the actor claiming he’s going spend it at his Mumbai home with his parents.

His movie ‘Dabangg 2’, which releases on December 21, could possibly be his early birthday celebration.

Unfortunately, there’s a tiny disappoint this time round, with Salman summoned to a Mumbai court for a hearing in the infamous car accident of 2002, when he allegedly knocked down a pedestrian and injured four others.


Rajinikanth’s wife has already unveiled the celebrations by launching the special birthday track, which is composed by Vijay Anthony. Rendered by music director and Malaysian singer Emcee Jazz, the track is directed by Raghava Lawrence.

His support in India is unquestioned, with his fans devoting their life for the star.

December 12 will also unveil Rajini’s mega-budgeted political thriller ‘Sivaji 3D’. AVM Studios which originally made ‘Sivaji’ in 2007 has worked on altering the format to 3D.

Controversies aside, Dilip Kumar, Rajinikanth and Salman share immense commitment towards their charitable initiatives.

Salman flags the ‘Being Human’ foundation, which aims to benefit under-privileged children, Rajinikanth invests his time in uplifting the state of the poor and providing education for the underprivileged. His donations aren’t marked for any one charity and is distributed as when he desires the need.

Dilip Kumar has also been hailed for his noble efforts to help the lesser fortunate.

The three also share extremely close bonds with their families, with Salman and Rajinikanth stepping out to help other members of their family find a footing in the film industry.

Rajini’s daughters work on the designs and production and his son-in-law is an actor, while Salman’s brothers Arbaaz and Sohail pitch in with acting, direction and production.

Surely, December-born actors attain superstardom far more quickly and effortlessly than their other peers. Or so, these three have proved.




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