Once 'banned' in UAE, she's back: It’s Salman Khan over Shah Rukh for Esha Gupta

Her film 'Raaz 3' may not have made the censor's cut here in the Emirates, but the Bollywood starlet is back as a brand ambassador

She’s just three movies old, but this new actress on the block is bagging endorsements and movies like a seasoned artist. It’s unusual, especially since she has no Bollywood connection or backing from an influential godfather, but the dusky beauty is making headway, like no other.
Esha Gupta, also branded “Angelina Jolie of India” by her mentor-filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, is hoping to win a role with Salman Khan next.

“I love Salman Khan. I’d love to do a film with him. I’ve always been a fan of his. He always plays Salman Khan. And, I love that. He’s just too cool to be true,” she said.

“Like Shah Rukh Khan is a great actor. He makes you fall in love with his characters. But, Salman just makes you fall in love with Salman. I’d like to work with both, but if I get a chance, then it’s going to be Salman.”
The actress, however, isn’t keen on seeking help from the Khan, who is known to have launched many a Bollywood dream, to help set her career. “I don’t need a Godfather.”

Her dream list of co-stars is topped by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, with Salman taking the second place and Shah Rukh the third. “Even if I get a five-minute screen space with Amitabh sir I’d be happy.”

Dressed in an elegant gown and sparkling jewels, the actress was in Dubai over the weekend to unveil the new, Damas Diwali collection.

In her short movie career, Esha has been to Dubai for all her movie promotions. Unfortunately, her second movie ‘Raaz3’ was banned in the UAE over censorship issues, and which according to her was her most daring act so far.
“It did upset me. It was a great film. Honestly, if you decide to cut it, then it would have taken the emotion away.

“Every place has its reason but I did meet a couple of friends here who told me that they have seen it. I’m not proud and I’m not going to say how they saw it, but they saw it.
“It’s not like the business was affected because it was a huge hit, but it is such a great film that I wish people would have seen it.”

Esha is however tight-lipped about her next Bollywood venture, and urges us to wait until the official announcement is made early next year.

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