Bigg Boss 7: Loyalty test exposes Gauhar, Tanisha; Is Salman right?

Indian reality show 'Bigg Boss' is known for its dramatic turns and loss of loyalty - to a point where a person's integrity is often questioned.

Last week in 'Bigg Boss 7', contestants were asked to vote a member for the post of captain - the two nominated candidates Pratyusha Banerjee and VJ Andy.

Tanisha's ‘integrity’ was put to test during the election.

Before the election process Andy had a tiff with Armaan Kohli.

Going by the situation Armaan decided to vote for Pratyusha and convinced Tanisha to vote for her as well.

Considering that Andy was Tanisha's good friend, she could have voted for him, but was influenced by Armaan and elected for Pratyusha instead.

This is the same Pratyusha who called Tanisha "cheap".

On the other hand, Gauhar Khan who is friends with Pratyusha and Andy, supported Pratyusha during the election process.

Gauhar kept in mind what Andy had done, for which her "good friend" Kushal Tandon was shown the door.

If ‘Bigg Boss 7’ was to pick a winner for loyalty, who would it be Tanisha or Gauhar?

Followers of the show are polarised over what seems to be host Salman Khan's picking of sides. The question is, is Salman right?


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