Who's dirtier? Veena Malik or Vidya Balan

Following the roaring success of her film The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan is on a high. However, the news that Veena Malik will essay her role in the Kannada version of the film should have been enough to bring Vidya to bring back to the earth with a dull thud!
The vernacular version is titled ‘The Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga’ and is being directed by Trishul. 
Despite casting the Pakistani starlet in his film, who is only known for making headlines for the wrong reasons, Trishul says that vulgarity will not be the focus of his film. He felt that Vidya's version portrayed Silk crudely and he would handle the issue differently. He plans to portray Silk Smitha in three different stages in his storyline - before she got into the film industry, as an actor, and in the last stages of her life.
Trishul promises 'no vulgarity'. Then what's the purpose of casting Veena Malik?

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