Abu Dhabi tightens noose on speedsters

Emirate to increase speed cameras and introduce smart police patrols

Abu Dhabi is planning to introduce what it dubs “smart police patrols” and increase speed cameras on its roads as part of plans to curb reckless driving which is blamed for most of the accidents in the oil-rich emirate.
Police, quoted by the semi official daily Alittihad, said they would soon launch the smart patrol cars, which are equipped with advanced cameras that can spot speeding vehicles at a distance during the day and at night.
The traffic police department did not give details of such plans but police sources said civilian cars would be included in such patrols as they have already demonstrated their efficiency in seizing speedsters on the emirate’s roads.
The plan also includes the installation of more fixed speed cameras to raise their total number to 275 while additional mobile cameras would be planted on selective roads.
“The traffic police will soon be launching the smart police patrols which include the latest in technological systems that are capable of monitoring speeding cars and reckless drivers during the day and at night,” the paper said.
Abu Dhabi has one of the world’s highest accident rates, with nearly 1,085 serious mishaps taking place in the first half of 2012, resulting in 131 deaths.

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