Dubai Customs foils bid to smuggle banned tablets

Dubai Customs inspectors caught a passenger of Asian origins trying to smuggle more than 15 thousand banned tablets while attempting to enter the UAE through Dubai International Airport- Terminal (3).

Ali Al Mugahwi, Director of Airport Operations at Dubai Customs, stated that the Customs inspectors operating on the entries contributed to uncovering the smuggling attempt of a large quantity of medical tablets weighing around 44 kg. He added that the medicine is listed under the restricted medicine category and is prohibited to be exchanged or taken unless with a medical prescription due to its danger and potential health threat which might cause death if used without medical supervision as per the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

Al Mugahwi further noted that Customs inspectors’ suspicion and doubts increased when the reluctant passenger was approaching the inspection area. Therefore, his personal luggage was manually inspected only to find out he was hiding the tablets which cannot be for personal usage due to its large quantity and rather brought in for commercial purposes. The passenger and the seized medicines were referred to the relevant authorities for further legal procedures.

Al Mugahwi stressed Dubai Customs keenness to provide professional competencies who are well-experienced and all-knowing about the different smuggling techniques and are familiar with the body language organised by Customs to the inspectors to detect suspects easily and foil their smuggling attempts of any contrabands. Being well-equipped with the most hi-tech checkup and inspection tools and machines in the different customs entries, protecting society from the dangers of smuggling narcotics as well as prohibited and restricted items is considered a major responsibility at the department.

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