Dubai Indian who missed wedding flies home to take over husband duties from own sister

Sister took marriage vow on his behalf after he missed wedding due to row with employer

An Indian carpenter working in Dubai who was unable to fly home to Kerala, India, for his wedding six months ago, finally did so on Monday evening.

Kamalesh Chandran, 26, had to miss his wedding that was scheduled for May 2, 2012 and in a strange turn of events, his sister took his marriage vow on his behalf, fulfilling the religious requirements in his absence.

Chandran technically returns to India believing he is already married, although he was not part of any marriage rituals himself.

He says his first task is to ‘remarry’ his wife.

“A new wedding ceremony has now been fixed and is scheduled to be held as soon as possible.

“It will not be a very grand one. It will be held at a temple and the groom will tie the wedding knot according to the Hindu custom,” said Suresh one of his relatives.

Chandran was employed as a carpenter in Dubai had to resign from his job after his employer had failed to grant him leave for the wedding.

After the resignation, the employer, however, promised to relieve him of his responsibilities and send him home.

Chandran waited at the airport on the day before the wedding and the employer never showed up.

A heartbroken Chandran had to return to his accommodation and his relatives instead of cancelling the wedding went ahead with the ceremony.

His sister tied the knot on his behalf.

Chandran immediately filed a complaint with the Indian Consulate and even approached a court.

Chandran who was jobless survived in the UAE for six months with the help of his friends.
“Even last night we thought he would miss the flight.

“The documents were brought to the airport just 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. Thankfully it was an Air India Express flight and it was obviously delayed,” the relative added.


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