Dubai taxi driver suspended for racially abusing lady commuter

Roads and Transport Authority's campaign to offer the ultimate customer service to commuters in Dubai has seen it implement several rules in the recent past.

In the latest episode, RTA suspended a taxi driver, with no salary, for abusing a woman commuter.

Emirates24|7 had recently reported about the authority cracking down on erring drivers as well as those being rude to customers.

This website can confrim that the young Indian lady in Dubai who was at the receiving end when she faced the ire of a taxi driver received quick justice.

She was racially abused by the driver who was disgruntled because she hailed the cab for a short-distance drive. After the harrowing experience, the woman was fuming with anger when the driver - also an Indian - suggested that her community was backward and it was his community that had taught them civic sense and made them a civilised lot.

Shocked and saddened that she was subjected to such discrimination by her compatriot, she decided to maintain silence for the rest of the drive.

When she arrived at her destination, she requested him for a receipt. Then she dialled 8009090 to file an official complaint against the driver.

The RTA customer service was quick to respond and assured the flustered lady that an action would be taken following her formal complaint.

The customer service took all the necessary details about the taxi, the driver's ID (from the receipt), the pick-up and drop location.

As soon as the complaint was registered, she received an SMS with a reference number to follow up her case.

It was, indeed, treated with utmost importance and within three days of her complaint, adequate action was taken against the abusive driver.

She was further informed by the RTA that the taxi driver was suspended without pay and sent to the training centre.
Anyone who faces any unpleasant experience during a taxi ride in the Emirates are encouraged to call 8009090. All the passenger needs to do is file a complaint and action will be taken.


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