Gold-flavoured mineral water in Dubai

Canadian firm claims water from natural springs is processed using gold

Dubai is a city with a thriving gold market, but a Canadian food company is claiming to surprise the region with a new brand of gold filtered mineral water from the natural springs in Canada.
A Canadian mineral water company, is planning to launch Gize, which it claims is processed using gold.
“We have launched this product in the European market last year and this is available in luxury hotels, resorts and other premium places. The water is sourced from the natural springs located in the extreme east of Canada, in Spa Springs (Nova Scotia). It is processed through layers of rocks that formed more than 200 million years ago, and it achieved a purity and degree of mineralisation that is of exceptional quality,” said Sibly Erler of Canadian Mineral Water SA, displaying the gold filtered mineral water at the Gulf Food expo.
The company claims that its mineral water is filtered through a specially designed golden filtering system, located at the company’s only plant in Canada. It is filtered through gold to maintain the natural and pure flavour.
“This water was already praised as a fountain of youth and a healing spring 500 years ago. We have taken the liberty of bringing this unique water into contact with one of the rarest and most precious elements on earth - gold. A special gold filtering process results in a deluxe mineral water, perfect and with an unmistakable flavour that pleases even the most discerning palates. The water contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, hydrocarbonates, sulphates, silica and TDS in various quantities,” she explained.
At a time when the price of gold has hit record levels, this company is maintaining a big gold filter through which natural mineral water is passed to make the gold filtered mineral water.
Golden filtered mineral water is more than water with a golden touch, claims the company.
Erler said the company can produce 11,000 litres of Gize per hour, but cannot disclose the amount of gold used in the golden filter.
“Gize was successfully launched in Europe in 2010 and is now being distributed worldwide to selected and limited partners only, within the luxury industries as well as the first class of hotels and restaurants, delicatessens and high end spas. ‘Small bottles of Gize are sold for Euro 5 (200 ml) and large bottles at sold for Euro 15 (750 ml). The product is not yet available in the Middle East, but we expect to get good demand from luxury hotels and spas here,” she said adding that the details of the size or purity of the gold filter cannot be disclosed as the “Gize is the only golden mineral water in the world.”
When the gold price reached record high, many golden palaces and icons have been melted and sold, but this Canadian company aims to keep the gold filter intact as it is bullish about the gold filtered mineral water market.
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