Kings Dubai halves fee hike to 9 per cent

School promises to refund 3% if new building is not ready by September

Kings Dubai, one of the city's top 'oustanding' schools has notified parents about an "approved" 9 per cent fee increase - just days after it had announced an 18 per cent hike from September, 2012.

The earlier 18 per cent mark-up was explained as 6 per cent rise allowed for getting an 'outstanding' rating form Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), and an additional 12 per cent school for expansion work, a parent told Emirates 24|7.

Parents do not know what caused the rethink.

The new 9 per cent fee increase, which was highlighted in the circular dated May 30, read: "In September 2012, there will be a 9 per cent increase, which comprises a 6 per cent element for the outstanding rating of the school this year by Dubai School Inspection Bureau and an exception element of 3 per cent due to the expansion."

It added that if the "expansion building is not completed to the satisfaction of the KHDA for the beginning of September 2012, parents will receive a refund of the 3 per cent exception element". And if necessary, it can be carried forward to the next year, with the increase clocked at 9 per cent.

Mohammed Darwish, Chief of Regulations and Compliance Commission at KHDA stated, "As per the framework, if the conditions stipulated for the exception are not completed in time for the new academic year 2012-13, the school would only increase by the percentage permitted by the general conditions (as per the school's DSIB rating) and the remaining percentage of the increase would be carried over to the following academic year when the expansion is complete and the facilities are available to the students."

Emirates24|7 has been flooded with fee increase cases from parents, with one reporting that another international school has hiked its fee by 8.4 per cent. The parent said the school is allowed to increase by only 3 per cent, as it is bracketed in the "acceptable" category.

"They have increased the G3 fees by 8.4 per cent and it now stands at Dh25,900," reported a parent, enclosing the receipt of the fee [see attached]. "The school has not circulated any letter informing of  the fee hike either. Also, there was an increase last year even though they were not allowed to do it."

When the KHDA had announced its approval for schools to hike fees, it had left the onus of its implementation entirely on the school management.

The increase is based on the DSIB grading, with schools graded "outstanding" allowed 6 per cent increase, while schools marked "good" allowed 4.5 per cent, and those listed as "acceptable" and "unsatisfactory" allowed 3 per cent.

The framework elaborated that some schools could even get special KHDA permission to hike by more than 6 per cent. And those that will be considered under this bracket are the not-for-profit, embassy and special needs schools and also those investing in infrastructure expansion. The permission, if granted, would mean those schools will have to cap the hike for the next three years.

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