Newspaper publishes photos of dad who killed little daughter

Man’s father says he will not name lawyer for son and doesn’t want to see his face

A UAE newspaper on Thursday published what it said was the first photograph of an Emirati who tortured his little daughter to death and quoted his father as saying he would not appoint a lawyer for him.

One of the pictures showed Hamad Al Shirawi hugging his daughter Wadima when she was a little baby before he and his girl friend tortured her to death at the age of 8. Another picture showed him with his family.

“I will not appoint a lawyer for him…I have not seen him since he murdered Wadima and I don’t want to see his face or hear his voice,” his father, Issa al Shirawi told the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Al Bayan.

“I have never failed in giving him a good life as I cared for all my sons…I believe Hamad became brutal and savage and committed crimes because of his strange personality which is completely different from his brothers'.”

Shirawi denies comments by his daughter-in-law that he taught Hamad drinking alcohol and that he had always had liquor with him.

“I have never allowed Hamad to drink at home as she claimed….Hamad was bad since he was young…he failed in school when he was 12 years old…at that age, he ran away from school and went to Abu Dhabi, where he stayed for two days to escape punishment…I have always tried to support and help him but he kept failing in school until he left it…at the age of 18, he asked to work with me and then decided to marry that woman and had two daughters from her.”

Shirawi said the couple were later divorced because of persistent disputes, adding that the wife should have fought hard to get custody of her daughters.

“No father wishes death for his own son…but what Hamad has done is unbelievable and indescribable…it just killed any paternal feeling towards him..I have never imagined that my family will pass through this horrible nightmare…we are now living the most difficult days man could live,” he said.

“We have been stricken by the death of Wadima at the hands of her own father…we also have her little sister lying at hospital deformed physically and psychologically…what she has seen from her father cannot be described and I will do my best to compensate this girl for what she has been through.”


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