Pakistani boy, 2, waits for lifeline in UAE

Suffering from a rare heart condition, only a transplant can save him

The only solution to save a two-year-old Pakistani toddler from a rare heart condition is to have a transplant.

But the family based in Al Ain will have to travel abroad for the treatment. The medical staff at Tawam Hospital told the child’s father, KA, that the heart transplant is not available in the UAE.

The child suffers from a case of double-inlet of the left ventricle with transposition of the great arteries. This congenital heart defect causes an unhealthy blood flow to the lungs and body, which results in trouble breathing, heart failure, failure to gain weight normally and a list of other symptoms, depending on the severity of the defect.

"My baby is spending most of his time in the IC unit. This morning I was in the hospital and my baby was admitted again, as he was coughing non-stop, had an on-and-off fever, distress and was crying since last night."

Despite several surgeries and frequent treatment and medication, the condition of the two-year-old has never improved. He has been suffering from congestive heart failure since the first surgery and his left ventricular function continues to be poor.

As a result, the medical report prepared by Dr Mohamad Sulaiman stated the following: "His prognosis is poor and his survival is limited by response to medical treatment. At this time he is not responding well. The only option for this patient is a heart transplant. This option not available in UAE, and there are only few centers abroad who may accept the case."


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