Springs in shock as couple’s fight spills blood on street

Emaar security is further probing the incident

In a shocking incident this weekend, a woman allegedly beat up her partner on a street in Dubai’s popular Springs community.

Some residents in Springs 11 community rushed out of their villas at around 8.15pm on Saturday, when they heard a man and woman screaming and swearing at each other.

“I was coming out of my house for my evening stroll when I saw a man throw up in front of a villa.

“He seemed in pain. I asked my eight-year-old to immediately get inside. I thought the man was drunk, but I heard him shout ‘my nose is broken’.

“I was later shocked in the morning as I realised that there was blood on the street,” a resident told this website.

Emaar security was at the residence of the quarrelling couple the next day.

Security personnel are reported to be further probing the incident.

Emirates 24|7 has sought a comment from Emaar on the issue.

Another family told this website: “We’ve heard them fighting and even requested them to keep it down as it disturbs us, but last night was totally shocking,” said one of the neighbours who did not wished to be identified.

“The woman broke the man’s nose and he was apparently strangling her. There was so much commotion that we had to call security. I was worried they might harm each other,” she added.

“Nearly two months ago, a similar incident had happened with the same couple,” said the husband of the lady quoted above. “I woke up around 3am as the couple was shouting like crazy.

“I knocked on their door to request them to stop this and the man came out, started swearing at me and jumped to hit me. We had to call the police at that odd hour. They came and gave the man a warning,” he claimed.

Blood on the streets shocked residents living on other streets in the community “It’s terrifying. I’ve lived here for the past six years and have never seen such a thing,” said an Indian living on the adjoining road.


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