This Emirati baby was born on 12/12/12 at 12.12

The girl was born at Al Ain hospital to an Emirati parents

An Emirati girl was born on Wednesday on 12-12-12 past midnight at 12:12 to become the only newborn in the UAE to hit a record five similar date and time numbers.
The girl was born at Al Ain hospital to an Emirati parents and her father, Saud Al Niyadi said he was very delighted at the event.
“I am really very happy for my daughter to be born on that date and at that time…I already have a son and now I have a daughter,” he told Al Ittihad daily.
“It was a normal delivery but I had not expected it to be at that time and date,”he said, adding that his wife was admitted to hospital at around 9.00 pm.
The paper said 17 other babies were born on that date in the oasis town of Al Ain and three at Al Corniche hospital in Abu Dhabi.
In Dubai, a Moroccan woman, Nawal Al Qabi, gave birth to triplets—two girls and a boy—in a Cesarean operation, the only triplets to be born in the UAE on such a date.
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