Maid cuts off four-year-old girl’s head with axe

Victim’s dad kills man, seriously injures himself while rushing home

An Indonesian housemaid locked the four-year-old daughter of her Saudi employer in her room then used an axe to cut her head off. Rushing home from work after he was told about the incident, the father jumped
the red lights, killing another driver and suffering from serious injuries.

The girl’s mother had phoned her husband when she returned home and realized the maid’s door was locked and that her daughter was with the maid.

Her husband phoned the police and the civil defence then hurried for his house in the western town of Yanbu. On the way, he jumped the red lights and rammed into another car, killing its driver and suffering from serious injuries.

“Police and civil defence units arrived at the man's house and smashed their way into the maid’s room,” the Arabic language daily Okaz said.

“They were shocked at what they saw…the maid sat silent in the corner with a blood-stained axe in her hand while the little girl’s head was severed off her body.”

The paper said police are interrogating the maid to know her motives for the “heinous” crime.

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