Bizarre: Daughters love dad who killed their mom

Two sisters aged 28 and 25 are grieving for their father who pleaded guilty of murder and will spend 11 years behind bars.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, the incident took place in 2008. The eldest of girls described her parents as a "couple who couldn't be apart but shouldn't have been together. They had an intense and destructive relationship that brought out the worst in each other."

They call their dad 'gentle' and still in love with their mom.

Recalling those days, the girls say their parents were having trouble since they moved to Bristol. But when they were not fighting there was so much of love between them. However, in 2005 they separated. After a year their dad returned and their dad paid major bills and did their mother's wahshing and ironing, too. But soon their mom started dating someone else.

That year when the girls returned home after Christmas party police greeted them at home and broke the news to them. Their mom was in coma. Couple of days later, the girls decided to take her off life support.

"I separate the person who killed my mom from the person who is my dad," one of them says. "The bond between Dad, Sara and me is stronger than ever." 

Bizarre: Dogs serve as meal in Chinese tradition

Dogs are chopped and cooked in front of diners in China.

It is believed to be a Chinese tradition to enjoy rich dog meat in cold winters. In some regions, people even beat dogs to death to release the blood into the meat, reports 'Daily Mail'.

It is a socially accepted practise of munching on dog meat when food is scarce.

However, with Chinese economy flourishing more affluent citizens are buying dogs as pets and fuelling the growing campaign against animal cruelty.

Burglar asks judge for prison term to sleep

A burglar requested judge who handed him a 40-week suspended sentence and supervision order to sent him to prison because he wanted to "catch up on sleep".

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, 21-year-old Kierran Batchelor returned to the judge weeks after walking free from court saying he "was missing his daily meetings with his probation officer because they were too early in the day" - despite being at 10am.

Batchelor from Coventry told the judge that he worked 10pm-6am in a warehouse and was required be atthe probation at 10am. "It wrecked my sleep pattern...I'd rather go to jail...come out and get a fresh start..."

He thanked the judge as he was beiong led away.


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