Crazy World: 42-yr old teacher's teen sex

Jailed for 32 months

A woman teaching assistant in UK has been jailed on charges of having unprotected sex with teenage boys and sending them pictures.

The 42-year-old mother admitted to 30 charges of related offences with five boys and even joked with one of them of having his baby, reported ‘Daily Mail’.

She will now serve 32 months behind bars.
She allegedly sent them text messages when her husband was not around. One boy told the court that she sent him explicit pictures of herself.
A 15-year-old testified that he received lewd messages from her and that he met her twice a week for sex. She apparently had pleaded with him not to tell anyone about the text messages she sent.
Another boy testified that he was abused in class, while she gave lifts to a third boy. She drove him to school and misbehaved with him enroute.
Coffin therapy helps customers relax…RIP
If this is an alternative therapy to relax one’s mind and body it, indeed, is creepy.
An Ukranian coffin maker helps customers relax by offering then ‘coffin therapy’, reports Huffington Post.
In the 15-minute treatment, customers are placed in a coffin – with the lids either opened or closed as per their choice. They claim to “leave in peace and clarity”.
A BBC report says the treatment costs $25, while some say it is free of charge. But customers seem to be happy. One of them was reported as saying “it’s great…you go home in a completely different mood”.
Boyfriend sedates, rapes and clicks pics of girl
A British man is jailed for sedating and raping his girlfriend while she slept and then dressing her up and clicking her pictures for almost two years.
However, the 30-year-old admitted to raping her only three times between 2008 and 2011. He suffers from somnophillia – known as sleeping princess syndrome, reports Daily Mail.
When she raised doubts of oversleeping and finding herself decked in jewellery, he convinced her that she had been dressing up when she fell asleep and he didn’t want to disturb her.
He was caught when he boasted about his acts to one of his friends who alerted cops.
Officers found several explicit pictures of her on his system. Meanwhile she is astonished that she never suspected him for all these years.
6-year-old’s heart-breaking note to dead dad
A six-year-old boy left a heartbreaking letter to his dad, who died while defending a woman who was being allegedly attacked by another person.
“I miss you very much and wish you could come back. I wish that this never happened to you…I'm going to miss riding my motorbike with you, going camping with you, going to Queensland with you and I had so much fun doing those things with you. I love you very much!" reads the note placed among flowers, reports
Thirty-one year-old Lawson was allegedly trying to pacify a guy who was in a heated dispute with his ex-girlfriend. The guy in a fit of rage punched Lawson in the face causing him to fall on his head.
The man has been arrested.   
Students asked to do project on serial killer
A ninth-grade teacher in Australia gave students an assignment to detail the life, crimes and potential desires of a serial killer.
The principal has ordered the withdrawal of the project, reported Huffington Post.
The assignment was given to students in a forensic psychology elective and posted online. Students were given choice in the way they approached the subject: They could either draw a cartoon about how a serial killer murdered someone or produce detailed artwork about one such killer or compose a poem or rap about a killer or better still make a children's book which teaches them about serial killers.
Parents force minor girl into prostitution
A minor girl from Delhi, India, alleged that her parents and family forced her into prostitution.
Cops believe it could be a tussle for property that led to the unfortunate incident as her parents are separated.
The 12-year-old girl said she was denied entry into her home by her mother as she refused to oblige to her demands, reported Times of India. She also blamed her maternal uncle and brotehr into forcing her.
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