Face-kini unmasks new beachwear craze

We had the bikini.

Then, for those who preferred a more sedate costume and as a boon for millions of conservative women the world over, there came the burkini.

Borat introduced us to the man-kini (Google at your own risk).

Just when you thought there were no more spins to the ubiquitous outfit, here comes the face-kini – from China.

Don’t expect to see it anytime on Jumeirah Open beach yet, though a plucky trader at Dragon Mart may have it in stock.

The craze for this piece of beach-wear stems from the idea that the wearer can protect his or her face from harmful rays of the sun, or any other pollution that might be about.

Given that the harsh summer is still very much here in the UAE, the face-kini might be the alternative to keep the UV rays at bay when at the beach.

Only, don’t expect to go unnoticed if you do wear one.


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