Footballers suspended for finger play

Video courtesy: (YOUTUBE)

Iranian state TV says two players have been suspended from the country's professional football league for an "immoral" goal-scoring celebration.

The report Monday says Mohammed Nosrati, a defender for Persepolis, squeezed the backside of teammate Sheis Rezaei while the Tehran team's players celebrated a goal against Damash Gilan.

After Persepolis scored again in the 3-2 victory, Rezaei seems to have also squeezed an unidentified teammate, according to footage posted on YouTube.

Nosrati and Rezaei say they did not intend to offend anybody. Iran TV said they were indefinitely banned from entering any stadium and could face even more sanctions.

Saturday's match was broadcast live to millions of football fans in the Islamic Republic, a country that has for years tried to curb rowdy behavior on the pitch and foul language among players and spectators.


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