Teacher rapes 7-year-old girl in school

A seven-year-old school student was brutally raped by her teacher in a school in Egypt.

According to a report in Elfagr newspaper, the minor girl of Al Mawasat primary school in Aswan governorate in Upper Egypt one day returned home crying in pain.
Her parents were shocked to find blood on her clothes and questioned the little girl who revealed the gory details of what happened in class.
She alleged that her teacher, 43, took her to a classroom, closed the door behind him and undressed her before molesting her.
The little girl recollected how she screamed in pain and told her parents that the teacher had threatened to kill her if she were to talk of the incident.
Meanwhile, his colleagues in school said he was working there for about 20 years and would comment only after the investigations were complete.
The motive of his act is not yet known.
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