Teen who had to marry rapist was 'poisoned'

Moroccan mother says daughter has been poisoned by someone

MOROCCO: A 16-year-old Moroccan girl who was forced to marry her rapist did not commit suicide last week but was poisoned, her mother has revealed.

Morocco’s newspapers reported last week that Aminah Al Fillaly, who triggered controversy through the north African Arab country, committed a suicide by taking rat poison after marrying the man who raped her at knife point.

“My daughter told me just before her death that someone made her drink the rat poison,” her mother, Zahra said without naming that person.

“My daughter suffered greatly during her marriage with that man….he had not lived with her as a husband nor had he carried out his duty for her…..her husband had always mistreated her,” she told Moroccan newspapers.

The girl’s father, Hassan Al Fillaly, a 50-year-old farmer living in the Atlantic port of Rabat, Morocco’s capital, said his daughter had been raped at knife point, adding that she had spent nearly 15 days hiding before she was found by police.

He said he had strongly objected to his daughter’s marriage to her rapist but that he bowed to tribal pressure.

“The rapist even did not present any dowry for my daughter nor did he provide her with a house,” he said.


'Bird man' admits flying video is a fake

HOLLAND: A video clip of a man flying with the help of man-made wings went viral recently. In the video posted on YouTube, the man can be seen strapping on a contraption that allows him to take off into the air.

However, the Dutch man Jarno Smeets has admitted that the video was a hoax, after suspicions arose over his flying abilities and his explanations, reports MSNBC.com.

Experts found flaws and were suspicious that the video clip had been tampered with. The man claimed that he was a filmmaker and animator and his video clips were nothing more than "online storytelling". He also claims that he has been experimenting with online media.

His experimentation has obviously borne some fruit given that the video has garnered more than 3 million views.



Two men dead after dispute over dog

US: A long-running dispute over a Fresno's man dog has turned fatal.

Police say a neighbor who was irate about the animal getting into his yard shot and killed the dog's owner before turning the gun on himself as officers moved in to arrest him.

The Fresno Bee reports that 59-year-old Frank Cardoza was shot three times outside his condominium Thursday night just after he and the suspected gunman, 74-year-old Dan Andersen, had gotten into a fistfight over Cardoza's collie.Andersen shot himself in his car near a Fresno restaurant an hour later as police tried to block in his vehicle.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the two neighbors had been arguing about the dog for about five years, but that officers had never been called to mediate the situation. 

Dad-in-law donates sperm to help daughter-in-law have kids

NETHERLANDS: A man who failed to have a child with his wife after three years of trying, has turned to his father to provide  sperm as a last resort to have a biological child.

If the experiment works, the man's child will be his own half brother/sister, reports Daily Mail.

It is increasingly becoming a regular affair for those who have diffculty in conceivng to seek help from their relatives to provide the egg, womb or semen.

Although, such a solution has a lot of advantages, they also produce a lot of confusion over the degree of relationship.

Such decisions are never easy and those looking for donated eggs or womb and such should think carefully before treading on difficult ground.

School told special child to ditch walker

A mother of a five year old girl is outraged after the school administration told her daughter that she could not use a walker within the institute's premises.

The little girl suffers from celebral palsy and cannot walk without aid, reports myfoxhouston.com.

The mother taped her conversation with special education director and uploaded it on YouTube.

The official told her that her daughter cannot use the walker as they do not consider it safe.

The parent, who is based in Houston, has been involved in argument with the district officials for years over the daughter's care.

The video clip has received thousands of hits from people all over. The mother has also received a lot of support and help from different quarters.

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