Man pays $400k for croissant he never ate

Fell for the 'French bread which is so delicious that it will make you cry' scam

A Taiwanese man reportedly paid about $400,000 for a croissant he never got to eat.
The man, only identified by his last name, Chiu, reportedly fell for an Internet scam that promoted, "French bread which is so delicious that it will make you cry," reported Apple Daily.
Chui reportedly saw the photograph of the alleged croissant and proceeded to transmit 99 Taiwan dollars to the bakery through an ATM. Someone from the company then called him to say there was a mistake and he had to repeat the transaction, which he did.
A second phone call came from a "bank manager," asking him to repeat the transaction, and then a third from someone who posed as a representative "from the Monetary Supervision Commission," asking him to repeat the transaction to avoid charges of money laundering.
He had transmitted 12 million Taiwan dollars before realising he had been scammed.

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