Woman’s gift to husband — a new wife

She thought of an innovative way to mend fences with husband

A Saudi woman who thought of an innovative way to mend fences with her husband decided to give him a present that he would not refuse — a new wife.

The unidentified couple from a village in the eastern province of Ihsaa fell off after the woman embarrassed her husband in front of relatives, the Saudi Arabic language daily Sharq reported on Friday.

“She wanted to mend fences with her husband so she decided to get him a new wife and pay all the wedding expenses,” the paper said.

“Her husband accepted the solution and married the new woman…during the wedding, the guests were told that the man’s first wife selected the bride for her husband to please him and restore his dignity.”

Under Islam, a man can have four wives at the same time but women are allowed one husband at a time.

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