Now, tweet from your TV in UAE – and chat, watch YouTube...

Here’s a tech treat for UAE residents – now, for the price of an old mobile phone, you can buy a device that will turn your TV into a smart computer.

A UAE-based deals and discounts site is offering the ‘Android Mini TV Box’ for Dh649, and claims that the device will turn your TV into a smart computer, allowing you to screen web TV channels, browse the Internet, watch videos on YouTube and do much more by simply plugging the dongle into your TV.

The deal includes a wireless keyboard and mouse – a remote, if you will – along with what the company is claiming is the world’s smallest Android TV Box.

The device works on an Android 4.0 operating system and comes with a built-in 4GB memory card, and also allows users to chat, indulge in online gaming, or connect to social media.

The deal is not exactly creating ripples, though. When Emirates 24|7 last checked at 10.30am this morning, there were only seven takers of the deal so far – perhaps the fact that the device is available for sale online for $69 (~Dh255) may have something to do with the slow takeoff.

The same device (without the wireless keyboard and mouse) is available on the manufacturer’s own website [] for $69. Although the UAE deal claims to be offering a 52 per cent discounted price (down from the original Dh1,350), eager technology buffs in the UAE may have already been aware of the Android dongle’s existence and, more importantly, its price-point.

In addition, the makers offer free shipping to a handful of countries – including the UAE. “Worldwide free shipping [to] USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, etc.,” says the shipping advice on the website.

The dongle looks like a USB flash drive, twice as big as a USB stick, but compared to a regular small Android TV box, the size is only 25 per cent. You can attach it to the back of your TV – easy to hide, that is.

The device, though, doesn’t have an Ethernet port – one will need to use WiFi to connect to the Internet.


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